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Exploring the feasibility and effects of technological visual training as a potential rehabilitation tool in Parkinson’s

July 2020 - July 2023

Collaborative PhD project with Senaptec Inc. 

This study aims to explore whether vision and balance can be improved with visual training for people with Parkinson’s (PwP). Research has shown that PwP rely more heavily on their vision for day-to-day activities. Visual and cognitive (thinking) problems combined with balance issues increase the risk of falls. This risk in turn can lead to decreased physical activity and reduced quality of life for PwP. The study team aims to find out what effect visual training has on participants’ visual abilities and whether this has any impact on their balance and walking. The study would also like to explore participants’ experiences of using the visual training devices in this study.

Principle Investigator: Dr Samuel Stuart

Co-Investigators: Dr Rosie Morris, Dr Gill Barry, Professor Richard Walker

Industry collaborators: Herb Yoo, Associate Professor Jason Mihalik

Contact: Julia Das

NHS ethics: CPMS 48327, IRAS 287526, ISRCTN46164906

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